Minimal is the new modern.


[one_third]Leo Lei[/one_third]
Leo Lei – Founder
My name is Leo, and I am the proud owner of Leibal. I devote this blog to the designers and architects who dedicate their souls into the works they design. My passions in design are minimalist aesthetics, multi-functionality, and small space interiors. This blog focuses on promoting the best minimalist designs in regards to furniture, products, interiors, and architecture. We are growing a fan-base of minimalist lovers everyday. If you love what we write about, feel free to comment and follow our posts![/one_half_last]


Kirten Parekh – Editor
When I was younger my mother regularly subscribed to interior design magazines, while my father did the same with literature on architecture. When they were all well read and no longer in use, I would cut pictures out from them that I fancied, and kept them under my bed in a large trapper keeper. Here I am a decade later with a passion for minimalist furniture, interior design, and carpentry. I write because I love industrial design; where the field has been and where it is going. I am proud to be a part of a blog that is at the cutting edge of minimalist design catered for city living.

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