Jun 22, 2018 / Architecture
Brass House Amsterdam by MOPET architecten

Brass House Amsterdam is a minimalist home located in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, designed by MOPET architecten. This modern Dutch family house in the capital of the Netherlands is a jewel for the IJburg district. Striking are the brass facades with angled surfaces and glass sliding doors. Sophisticated detailed and aligned. The facade material is fully recyclable and colors from gold to brown. Balconies on the front and rear façades ensure a coherence between inside and outside. Its geometric expression strengthens the plasticity of the facades.

Integrated solutions are designed for maximum openness in the house: The entrance hall, toilet, staircase, doors, and kitchen are combined in a long wall cabinet that runs from the front to the rear. It narrows and widens, creating places with a variation in atmosphere and perspective. A split-level offers overview from the kitchen. At the same time, it creates an intimate seat pit with a fireplace in the backyard. The basic materials oak, concrete, black steel and white stucco support the spaciousness and contribute to the serenity of the interior. Sustainable measures such as aluminum sliding doors with triple insulating glass, natural flax insulation, solar panels and LED lighting do not only save energy, but also ensure a comfortable indoor climate.

Photography by Stijn Poelstra