Dec 02, 2014 / Architecture
Haus Hohlen by Jochen Specht

Haus Hohlen is a minimalist house located in Dornbirn, Austria, designed by Jochen Specht. The building is situated on a hill above Dornbirn, Austria. The site, which is protected on the uphill side by a small forest, provides an astonishing view over the rhine delta and lake constance. Given the need to increase the amount of space and renew the façade, the idea came up to construct a new building envelope a certain distance around the old house.
the chosen lightweight timber stick-construction offers all the advantages of modern timber structures: high prefabrication level, quick construction, sustainability and a good indoor climate. The wooden frame construction is intended as a spatial contrast to the existing solid structure. The existing roof was extended 4 meters on the verges sides and 1.5 meters on the eaves sides.