Sep 30, 2018 / Architecture
House Hunkeler by SEILERLINHART

House Hunkeler is a minimalist residence located in Sarnen, Switzerland, designed by SEILERLINHART. The now realized conversion of the listed building (cultural object of local importance) clears the inner building structure of the house, reduces the less substantial, created in the 20th century cultivation and extends the house to the south with a new wooden room layer. This adds a generous kitchen and dining room, as well as a loggia upstairs and a bedroom with bathroom and laundry room on the ground floor the additional necessary space for a contemporary residential use. The conversion was made under the motto of “complementary restoration”. It was neither a trace blurring restitution, nor a pathetic old-new rhetoric and not a detail-loving fragmentation of spatial units. The goal was of course in the logic of the building “continue to build.” Despite the existing variety of shapes and surface textures, the interventions remain interlinked.

Photography by Rasmus Norlander