Jun 26, 2019 / Architecture
House of the Archeologist by LCA Architetti

House of the Archeologist is a minimalist residence located in Varese, Italy, designed by LCA Architetti. The building is a single-family residence designed specifically for an archaeologist. The volume is a simple parallelepiped with a rectangular base in which other blocks of cubic form, completely covered with stone, have been inserted and fixed. From a material point of view, the building is reminiscent of the brick textures from old walls and the large cut stones that often interrupted the frame as lintels or cornerstones. In this house, bricks were placed with reused fluted concrete block and the stone with marble slabs and travertine blocks. The building is on two levels above ground level: on the ground floor there is a large and bright living room with a kitchen, a dining room and a small bathroom; on the first floor there are the bedrooms, two master bathrooms and the client’s private office.

Photography by Simone Bossi