Aug 07, 2017 / Architecture
House of Scenes by FORM/Kouichi Kimura Architects

House of Scenes is a minimalist architecture project located in Shiga, Japan, designed by FORM/Kouichi Kimura Architects. The site is located in a zoned residential area which is a little bit away from the bustling main street. The client wished to have a comfortable house where she could hold a private Yoga class. To meet that request, linkage between exterior and interior spaces were identified to realize a living space that expands toward outside in terms of visual and sensory aspects. When opening the entrance door of the symmetrically designed building, a courtyard surrounding the living room stretches right in front. The living room that also serves as the Yoga classroom has two openings; it can be used as one unified space together with the courtyard when the sliding doors are wide opened. The terrace continued from the living room is used for Yoga lessons.

Light reflected by the basin and fresh wind stimulate the five senses, and set the mind and body free. The wall extended from the terrace incorporates a tower structure that can be regarded as the symbol of this house. The frosted glass fitted in the sculptural-shaped form makes the light thrown into the room softer. It also serves as indirect illumination for the courtyard at night. The fence surrounding the courtyard not only blocks eyes from surroundings but unites with the building to make a semi-outdoor room that can be utilized as an inner terrace. The mortar counter and bench fabricated inside extend the exterior living space and serves as an element to enhance theming effect from the living room.

On the second floor, each room is laid out with a dining room at the center. The space is segmented by difference in ceiling height. Natural light coming through the colored top light of the ceiling quietly brings an uplifting feeling. The dining room is provided with a large window surrounded by the walls and long eaves. The symbolic riser from the courtyard has been designed to serve as an eye-catching object in the scene. It also brings about visual continuity, and links the living scene in the lower floor with that in the upper floor. Through connection with exterior space in diverse ways, the house produces pleasant scenes of living.

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