Dec 24, 2018 / Architecture
House in Seijo by CASE-REAL

House in Seijo is a minimal home located in Tokyo, Japan, designed by CASE-REAL. The project is a two story high wood structure residence standing on a 250sqm site. The volume of the building was formed in a “L shape” to surround the garden and to maintain the openness of the site. A large window toward the garden was placed in the living / dining room which is an a single open space, while the main bedroom and other private functions of the house were placed on the 2nd floor. The entrance door was placed on the front side with an angle, giving a annex like approach to the private rooms, while maintaining a flat relationship with the main space of the house. The N shaped structural column separating the living dining room and the kitchen was made visible to function as a moderate partition to divide the two spaces. A fixed bench placed near the staircase creates a sub living room space to relax. The approach towards the water sections were made on a step higher floor level creating rhythm within a connected atmosphere.

Photography by Hiroshi Mizusaki

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