Mar 28, 2015 / Architecture
Hut Near the Lac de Joux by Kunik de Morsier architectes

Hut Near the Lac de Joux is a minimalist house located in Rue du Mollendruz, Switzerland, designed by Kunik de Morsier architectes. It is in the very special geography of the Swiss Jura, near the Lac de Joux (which freezes over in Winter), close to the ski slopes, hiking trails and bike routes where the clients wished to settle. It is in this very special universe that the architects designed a singular space in response to the location and needs of the family by establishing strong relationships between inner spaces and territory.

The ground floor adapts to the natural terrain’s gentle slope with four steps that follow the exceptional stone formation surrounding the hut. This delicate adjustment to the topography allows collective spaces such as the living room, the kitchen or the workshop to open to the outside. The hut doesn’t favor one direction but rather a 360-degree relationship with the lake, the surrounding mountains, and the pastures.