May 26, 2015 / Architecture
Made to be Moved by Arcgency

Made to be Moved is a minimalist building located in Nordhavnen, Denmark, designed by Arcgency. Worn-out shipping containers are stacked three stories high on a series of minimal site impact pillars. The container is a super optimized product, refined to be cost-effective, strong and durable. It fits international transportations standards and can be shipped and set up anywhere, enabling the architects to practice direct reuse. If a new building component with the same specifications were to be designed, it would be both expensive and time consuming.

The span between the containers is utilized as flexible spaces for primary workspace functions. The interiors of the containers can be used for secondary functions such as meeting rooms, workshops and storage. The raw container structure is set up in just two days. The container stack is wrapped with high performing insulated sandwich panels, also functioning as vapour barrier and cladding. They are bolted directly into the container frame – as are the windows, roof elements and interior floor slabs. Visible installations are used for water, electricity and heating, making it easy to set up and take down.