Jun 27, 2019 / Architecture
Space of No Use Showroom by Kosaku Matsumoto

Space of No Use Showroom is a minimalist space located in Tokyo, Japan, designed by Kosaku Matsumoto. The renovation of a small retail space previously used as a barber in Shirokane, Minato Ward did not occur with any particular request from the owner: except that the location will be used as an apparel showroom several times a year. In addition, the existing walls and ceiling of the space was made in plasterboard, with linoleum floor covering. In order to discover more from this banal space that has no particular feature or use. The furniture on the front is made of baked cedar coated with epoxy resin, and the blackened wall surface has a dimly reflection of the entire space like a large cast of shadow. Looking closer, you will see the rough texture of the baked cedar beyond the surface, and the impression of the material changes according to the distance and time. Other materials were selected and developed to enhance their characteristics of multiple layers of impressions.

Photography by Nobutada OMOTE