Apr 02, 2019 / Architecture
Stego by Archmongers

Stego is a minimalist residence located in London, United Kingdom, designed by Archmongers. Stego is the refurbishment and extension of a 1980s end-of-terrace house in south London. The project connects the main property to a bedroom converted from a garage, via a single story courtyard extension. The exterior brick stain unifies the new walls with the old, distinguishing the house from the rest of the terrace. The corrugated aluminum emphasizes the pitched forms of the roof while the material reflects the surrounding urban landscape, vegetation and sky, changing with the light. The home evokes the client’s peripatetic childhood. It creates a private landscape of views through large courtyard doors and foliage into light-filled rooms, creating its own context juxtaposed with the urban grain of London beyond.

Photography by French + Tye