Baobab by Ionna Vautrin

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Name: Baobab

Designer: Ionna Vautrin

Location: Paris, France

French-born designer Ionna Vautrin is a dynamic creator of beautiful and unique small furniture, home/kitchen accessories and lighting products. Vautrin is a versatile designer who has successfully collaborated with companies like Camper, Foscarini, Super-Ette and lately Moustache. In January 2011, after receiving the Grand Prix de la création de la mairie de Paris (Grand Prize of the creation of the city of Paris), Ionna Vautrin opened her very own studio in Paris.

Born from her collaboration with French home furnishings company, Moustache, Boabab is one of Ionna Vautrin’s latest designs that was shown at the 2012 Milan Furniture Fair. Baobab is a table/console that has an atypical shape inspired by Baobab trees. Like those found in nature, Baobab maintains a thick base with thin branches that lead to functional mirrors/table surfaces of different heights.

Baobab is constructed of the solid material, Corian by DuPont. Although it’s mainly used for flat surfaces, with Baobab it takes on a more contoured and sculptural form. Most recently Moustache developed and presented a version of Baobab that has wood-topped surfaces with the signature Corian foundation.

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