Nov 28, 2017 / Furniture
Cortland by Atelier d'Amis

Cortland is a minimal bookshelf created by Sébastien Léon & Valérie Pasquiou of Atelier d’Amis. The design duo chose to reinterpret rebars into legs, grids into tables, pinion elevators into armoires and cleverly infused the vocabulary of construction throughout their collection. Sébastien also brought his tubing language from his sculptural work – in particular his sound sculptures – which naturally meshed with the pieces. Material-wise, Atelier d’Amis selected ultra-thin and resistant concrete-finish ceramic plates with brass plated tubular steel, marrying the worlds of industrial, contemporary and high-end furniture. The bookshelf is constructed of concrete impasto that is applied by hand. The concrete is available in light, dark, and black shades, and is treated with an anti-stain finish. The metal portions are available in either brass, nickel, chrome, or brushed steel. The brass can be made with a matte or polished finish. The nickel can be finished with either a brushed or reflective treatment.