De-Cubed Table by Now Workshop

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Name: De-Cubed Table

Designer: Now Workshop

Location: Brooklyn, NY

Now Workshop is a New York-based design firm that specializes in furniture design, and small-scale residential and commercial projects. Founded in 2007 by Edward Wendt, Now Workshop is still going strong with Wendt overseeing all of the firm’s projects. When it comes to furniture design, Now Workshop believes in using materials that are commonly used for interior construction. Plywood, poplar lumber and plate glass are a few examples of materials they enjoy using. They create furniture that is relatable and that draws you in with honest warmth.

Coming in at 29”W x 25”H x 29”D, the De-Cubed table is made of unfinished poplar lumber and a ½” acrylic top surface. The edges of the offset frames (used as supports) are painted different colors, all which help to make the space it is in more exciting and welcoming without being bulky and loud. These specific colors paired together in harmony are meant to symbolize a lively space filled with people.

No matter what angle you view the De-Cubed table from, you will posses a different and unique perspective of the piece. It’s almost moving “as you move” around it.

About the Author – Kyle Troutman

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