Familjen by Annie Granath

Posted on February 11th, 2013 by

Name: Familjen

Designer: Annie Granath & Charlotte Ackemar

Location: Stockholm

Annie Granath and Charlotte Ackemar, students from Copenhagen and Stockholm respectively, have created a furniture collection for a space where functionality and design can live harmoniously together. Presented in the Greenhouse young designers section of the 2013 Stockholm Furniture Fair, the Familjen collection has a signature feature – an “elastic stomach” to stow away clothes, belongings, and other nick knacks.

The designer’s state: ” We have created a collection of hall furniture that by its shape, expression and characteristics has gotten a life of its own.”  The collection consists of an array of seating furniture with that elastic stomach (which comes in some interesting colors) hidden beneath a panel, to stow away items without sacrificing the minimalistic beauty of the furniture.


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