Mar 03, 2019 / Furniture
Nest System Table by Form Us With Love

Nest System Table is a minimalist table system designed by Stockholm-based studio Form Us With Love. The Nest System Tables, a distinguished modular table solution configured to turn and bend, is the latest extension to the popular +Halle Nest series. The collection of high and low sofas, chairs and tables is loved by many public spaces for its mix of casual and productive behaviors—above all its adaptable to change. From the series use in public spaces comes a new set of behavioral learnings: insisting on a high worktop, individual space, and a sense of scale.

“The traditional open office model may be struggling, but this modular table system represents something different within the public space, standing tall, like a landmark of common ground. There is a presence of particularity, of detailed experience in the table. ‘Imagine a town square, where you may have designated space like the library, the police station or the hairdresser — different divisions, but then you have ground in the middle, for the community to be at. This one space provides openness with a purpose. With Nest you can plan a hub that’s centered around a table and not the sofa,” Löfgren explains.

The table is twisting, turning and moving in different directions, but the symbolism of everyone sitting together is powerful today, even if we need more space and flexibility. A few years ago you would design an office to last for five years, today, it is down to three. The turnaround speed of office furniture is excessive and not sustainable. As a matter of resilience, this table system is responsive to change, providing the ability to scale up and down, using a simple architectural configuration or modular refresh.

Photography by Oleksandr Shestakovych