Sep 28, 2018 / Furniture
Poli-Piel by Oficina Penadés

Poli-Piel is a minimalist collection of objects designed by Madrid-based studio Oficina Penadés. Poli-Piel is Jorge Penadés first solo show with Madrid-based gallery Machado-Muñoz. Eight unique pieces were created as the result of an exploration on new ways of creating objects with non-fixed connections; buckles and leather straps combine the Structural Skin material with planes of glass, marble, aluminum and mirror in sophisticated compositions. A new principle has been introduced germinating in two conical table lamps: by rolling and gluing a discarded piece of leather against a specific shape a self-standing object has been created. This embryo constitutes a new take on Jorge´s consistent structural exercises. The collection includes a valet, a coffee table, a chair, a side table, table lamps, a mirror and a tray.

Photography by Gonzalo Machado