Nov 08, 2013 / Furniture
The Private Desk by Theresa Arns

Name: The Private Desk

Designer: Theresa Arns

Location: Copenhagen, Denmark

Year: 2013

The Private Desk is a minimalist design created by Denmark-based designer Theresa Arns. The private desk is a workstation to store the items that we use to take care of ourselves, in the context of a dressing table – and to work with our mind, in the context of a writing desk. The desk is made of white oiled ash wood and grey powder coated steel. It has a center piece, which forms the working area and contains a drawer for the computer, padded with cork. There is a lid with an integrated mirror, as well as storage containers for beauty products. On the right side a wooden stick construction holds a metal tray with three boxes, which can be used for jewelery and accessories. On the left side two metal drawers are attached to the table. The table does not take up too much space but provides enough room to organize one’s personal belongings while maintaining enough free workspace.

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