coffee table

Name: Scallop

Designer: Samuel Wilkinson

Location: Lausanne, Switzerland

Scallop is a minimalist design collection created by Switzerland-based designer Samuel Wilkinson for Versus. The inspiration for the design came from observation of objects grouped on a low table. Each of the variations within the collection include a recessed area for framing frequently used items such as remotes, magazines, vases, etc.

The sunken area keeps items from falling onto the floor, and serves as an aesthetic feature as well. The steel tubular V-shaped legs are light yet sturdy. The curves on the legs compliment the smoothing warps of the tabletop. “The name Scallop means ‘To edge with a series of curved projections’.”

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About the Author
Leo Lei - I am an entrepreneur focused on promoting well-designed architecture and products. I have an insatiable appetite for travel and new experiences, and I also literally have an insatiable appetite.
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