Jul 31, 2018 / Interiors
Archives Antoni Clavé by Kengo Kuma and Associates

Archives Antoni Clavé is a minimal space located in Paris, France, designed by Kengo Kuma and Associates. A private museum that houses works of Antony Clarve (1913-2005), an artist representing Spanish art of the 20th century. Inspired by the powerful texture of Krabe’s work using oil paintings and collages, by wrapping Japanese paper with an aluminum mesh (expanded metal), it creates a new texture screen that is three-dimensional and transparent, , Covered with that screen. Niigata’s handmade Japanese paper writer, Mr. Yasuo Kobayashi, went to the construction workshop in the western part of France. A variety of transparency was acquired while adjusting the concentration of the solution and the drying method, by coating the expanded metal with a solution of the manta pulp, which is born in the course of Japanese paper manufacturing process and mixed with trollea oi.

Photography by 11h45