Mar 27, 2015 / Interiors
BbyB. by Nendo

BbyB. is a minimalist interior located in Tokyo, Japan, designed by Nendo. This project involves the first overseas shop for BbyB., the chocolate shop by Antwerp-based, two-Michelin star chef Bart Desmidt. With their bar form, BbyB.’s chocolates may look the same from the outside, but they come in 30 richly distinctive flavours, from strawberry, pepper and lemon to passionfruit and basil. Since the chocolates are all the same shape, the packaging is modular: five bars of chocolate slot neatly into each sliding box, and five boxes slot together into a cube. The contents become apparent only gradually, as the boxes are opened and closed, offering surprises until the very last bite and turning the cube into a ‘magic chest of drawers’.