Aug 01, 2012 / commercial
Plus One Hotel Room by Spamroom

Name: Plus One

Designer: Spamroom Architecture

Location: Kreuzkölln, Berlin

Spamroom is a Berlin-based design firm that created a multipurpose space using salvaged and old prefabricated elements. The Plus One hotel room incorporates different materials such as plywood, particle board, copper pipes, and small Edison bulbs to add to its charm. The area is designed to off-set the busy, cut throat scene of Berlin right outside the walls of the hotel.

Each unit is made so that it may be used in many different ways; whether that includes use as a closet, a storage unit for dishes, a bookshelf, is up to the hotel guest. Since the space is only about 100 sq feet, the furniture and lighting had to be chosen carefully. Even the bed itself has storage cabinets and little nooks to place items neatly.

What I love most about this room is the use of the light plywood veneers and the lighting.  The room harbors large windows which let a lot of sunlight in during the day, highlighting the aesthetic appeal of the light wood. At night some lit candles and the clear bulbs above the sink would light the room up nicely, since the designer painted the walls white to make the space seem larger than it actually is. I never thought recycled materials in a standard hotel room would look so good.

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