Mar 02, 2018 / Interiors
Under the Elevated Office by nLDK

Under the Elevated Office is a minimalist workspace located in Nagoya, Japan, designed by nLDK. Under the elevated bullet train station where high-rise office buildings stand, the architects created a new head office. Start-up companies are expanding their scale at a tremendous speed for several years after their establishment. Therefore, the client is planning to relocate to a wider space in the near future. Since the former office was already at over capacity, the objective was to create a new office space as soon as possible. In response to this case, the designers challenged to use container boxes which are easy to assemble and inexpensive for the partition, floor, flowerpot and so on. Other finishing materials were also narrowed down to as simple as possible. In this way, the office was completed quickly, in response to the sense of speed of the startup company.

Photography by Moe Fujiwara