Jul 03, 2019 / Interiors

FOS is a minimalist activation space located in Kortrijk, Belgium, designed by PAN-PROJECTS. PAN-PROJECTS is an architectural design studio led by Japanese architect duo based in Copenhagen, Denmark. Since co-founded by Kazumasa Takada & Yuriko Yagi in 2017, the studio has been actively engaging international projects worldwide with the inspirations from both Denmark and Japan. The studio dedicates one’s creation to celebrate the diversity of our living world. The duo conceiving architecture as a creation formed by fabricating complex elements. Manipulating the relationships of various factors, the studio creates another harmony in diversity for humanity. The project is a temporal activation of abandoned textile factories scattered around the region of Kortrijk. The designers developed the method to repurpose the space by using scaffolding turps.

Photography by Yuta Sawamura