Oct 11, 2018 / Architecture
Haus in Winterthur by Cyrill Dettline Architekturstudio

Haus in Winterthur is a minimalist residence located in Zurich, Switzerland, designed by Cyrill Dettline Architekturstudio. The owners wanted a smaller, independent and easy-care living space for their age. A new house between the existing villa and the private road fulfills this requirement and allows a maximum utilization of the property. The new building should join the two- to three-storey development of the street train, provide access to the garden and allow the view of the opposite Eschenberg. A simple house with hipped roof presents itself to the street and creates an opposite of the existing houses. A new common forecourt opens up both houses and is a representative arrival place as well as parking space.

The living space is distributed over three floors, which open on all sides. The entree, a studio and the adjoining rooms are located on the lowest floor. In the middle is a contiguous living area with access to a private garden. On the top floor are the bedrooms with views of the countryside. A central staircase core is relevant to the statics of the house, divides the rooms and leaves room for their use. By this arrangement, one can move freely on the two main floors in a concentricity and thereby experiences all directions. This peculiarity is reflected on the facade by a horizontally structured structure. Large bands of windows articulate the main façade to the street and to the view.

A construction in wood with a painted larch façade locates the house in the suburban context and takes up the idea of ​​”Stöcklis”, which allows two generations to live together with proximity and distance. The interior is characterized by mass installations in Elsbeerholz that run through all rooms. Large sliding doors separate the individual rooms and allow open usage. Sideboards, shelves and cabinets provide storage space and invite you to sit. The high-quality surfaces contrast with the whitewashed walls and the ocher-colored anhydrite floor used throughout the house.

Photography by Rory Gardiner