Auto Family Home by Kwk Promes

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Name: Auto Family Home

Designer: Kwk Promes

Location: Poland

The Auto Family home, built by Kwk Promes, is carved into the ground, reminiscent of PGA golf greens, or the Hobbit (personal preference). The entrance is set a floor below,  giving way for a sloping rooftop that meets the home a level up. This roof is covered by turf which leads into the backyard garden. This preserves the lines and the garden’s intimacy, which could have been aesthetically ruined had the roof not been covered in grass.

The driveway itself is the highlight for this build. The owner, an artist who wanted to have an art gallery in his home, insisted on combining a space together which could be physically separate from the living area. The garage itself creates a long tunnel, since it has to gradually slope up to the home. This tunnel doubles as the owner’s gallery, which can be seen as the driver moves inside. The combination of having the only entrance double as a driveway and an art gallery is a clever design feat.


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