Neut House by Apollo

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Name: Neut House

Designer: Apollo Architecture

Location: Tokyo, Japan

Ophthalmology is a branch of medicine that deals with the anatomy, physiology, and diseases of the eye. No surprise here that an ophthalmologist had this minimalistic home built in Tokyo Japan, that pleases any eye. Built by Apollo Architecture, Neut House offers a home that is sound proof as well as spacious to provide ultimate urban luxury.

The courtyard view, which is from the basement, holds double paned glass that provides, natural light as well as exceptional sound-buffer for the doctor’s studio. Ther is a balcony that extends from the building and acts as the canopy over the side garage. Horizontal wooden slats are used as the balcony’s balustrades to block the view from the street while allowing the air to move through.

Surprisingly the family room is located on the second floor, and not the ground. The ground floor contains private rooms such as master bedroom and guest bedrooms. There is a rooftop space that houses an additional two courtyards. The same wooden panel of the living room ceiling is used in the bathrooms to create the appearance of a continuous space. This design technique allows the occupants to forget that they are in the city, which is inherently very hard to achieve.


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