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SUBACO Bathroom



Designer: Spiritual Mode

Location: Japan

The SUBACO line of micro bathrooms from Spiritual mode caters to small space living without compromising on design & function. These compact bathrooms offer customizable options which include sinks, toilets, stand up showers and even pint sized tubs.

The idea behind the model is that the bathroom is a “necessary only” place in the household, and that the space it occupies should appropriately reflect that ideology. The designers at Spiritual mode wasted no space by making their models no bigger than 6.5 square feet. I think that these bathrooms in the city would be ideal because although large, luxurious bathrooms are nice, they are only usually found in the suburbs ,where space can be dispensed without sacrafice. Workspace, along with living space, is what is most important for any urban apartment, and in that regard ┬áthe SUBACO line hits the nail on the head.

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About the Author
Kurt Parekh - I write because I love industrial design; where the field has been and where it is going. I am proud to be a part of a blog that is at the cutting edge of minimalist design catered for city living.
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