May 14, 2017 / Interiors
Rice Club by Francesc Rifé Studio

Rice Club is a minimalist space located in Valencia, Spain, designed by Francesc Rifé Studio. Located on the first floor of the restaurant Brassa de Mar, the essential meaning of the project comes from a desire to emphathize the gastronomic values of the founders. The aim was to lead the restaurant towards a transition into a more rational and simple project, as naked as the material itself or the main ingredient of its recipe book that is rice.

The project is an act of balance between two features: the color brown, and a lattice system, both fixed and mobile, that will transform the restaurant, through an intelligent and dynamic way, in a completely cubic and sober space. Several factors determine the project layout. On one side, it is both a day and night place. On the other, the nature that surrounds it and the large glass that frames the room will let light and warmth come through. And finally, the intention to subdivide the space in order to host small events or meetings.

So important is the understanding of color as well as the set of lattices executed in stained poplar wood. A material chosen for its lightness, which makes easy the mobility of the mobile lattices. Based on the façade lines, through them the exterior penetrates in a figurative way throughout the restaurant being subdivided, until arriving at the current format. Its translucence softens the different moments of the sun, and offers a poetic sea sight.

Photography by David Zarzoso