Anna Heater by Matti Walker

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Name: Anna Heater

Designer: Matti Walker

Location: Switzerland

You might not want to think about winter yet, but with summer coming to an end we’ll soon be having some cool nights. Meet the Anna Heater designed by Swiss designer Matti Walker for Stadler Form. With a fantastic price point and incredibly chic design details, this is one heater that you could place anywhere and be happy looking at it.

It is meant to heat a space of approximately 250 square feet. This will definitely be something I’ll pick up this fall when I’m holding on to everything I have not to turn the heat on. A gorgeous little heater. Anna comes in two sizes (Anna & Anna Little) and in three colors (white, black & honeycomb). The large size is available through MOMA’s online shop.

Fan heater with ceramic heating element

Available: MOMA

Power: Anna 1000W, 2000W
Power: Anna little 700W, 1200W
Very slim housing
Automatic shut-off
Dimensions: Anna 14.5h x 5.75w x 3.75″d

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