Oct 06, 2013 / Products
Disquiet Luxurians by Emilie F. Grenier

Name: Disquiet Luxurians

Designer: Emilie F. Grenier

Location: London, England

Year: 2013

Disquiet Luxurians is a minimalist design created by England-based designer Emilie F. Grenier. Disquiet Luxurians explores alternative trends for the production and consumption of rare and luxurious objects. This has led the designer to propose a new definition of the current state of luxury, one which replaces most emphasis on meaning, craft and provenance.

The resulting collection focuses on the material feldspar – the world’s most prevalent mineral which makes up 60% of the Earth’s crust. In designing a scenario in which it gains uniqueness, the designer has transformed this otherwise meaningless rock into a series of Post-Luxurian artifacts, and in doing so challenged the gilded concept of rarity.

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