Aug 14, 2012 / Accessories
Lapka by Lapka Electronics

Name: Lapka

Designer: Lapka Electronics

Lapka is a small personal monitor that connects to your iPhone to measure & analyze the “quality” of your surrounding environment. The sensors are plugged into your iPhone via the headphone jack, and measurements are read directly on the screen using the bundled iOS app. It measures the particles, ions, and molecules to reveal  the type of pollution surrounding you. Sounds complex; Lapka comes with four separate sensors, one for detecting each of the following functions: radioactivity, electromagnetic fields, nitrates in food & drinking water, and temperature with a humidity gauge.

Aesthetically, the design of the apparatus looks a little less geeky. You would think that having a detector with the above functions would be A. bulky, and B. Ugly, but Lapka has designed something into a tiny package that can appeal even to those who aren’t science savvy. It uses classic Apple taste, with clean white plastic on the sensors that would pair nicely with any white iPhone. Accented with wooden veneers, the Lapka also gets an organic look built right into its design. Lapka wont be available for consumers until later this year.

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