Apr 22, 2013 / lighting
60 Pendant by Jonathan Sabine

Name: 60 Pendant

Designer: Jonathan Sabine

Location: Toronto, Canada

Year: 2012

60 Pendant is a minimalist light designed by Canada-based designer Jonathan Sabine. The panels that comprise the body of the 60 Pendant are created through a combination computer controlled machine and skilled hand work. The fabrication process transforms thin steel sheets into the body of a pendant.

These same panels that function as the pendant body act additionally as a light diffuser by way of the delicate perforated pattern cut in their lower half. The name 60 refers to the corner angles of the of an equilateral triangle, a shape that appears in the the hexagonal form of the fixture, and which is also the basis of the perforated pattern on the underside of the fixture.

Jonathan Sabine is trained in woodworking and cabinetmaking. This history informs his current product and furniture design practice, which he established after working as lead designer at Castor Design. He is the co-founder of Chromoly, a creative studio run with Adam Pickard and collaborates closely with Toronto based MSDS studio. His design the Bourgeois Brass Knuckle is in SFMOMA’s permanent collection.

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