Chick by Luca Vagnini

Posted on September 12th, 2012 by

Name: Chick Lamp

Designer: Luca Vagnini

Location: Pesaro, Italy

Italian-born Graphic Designer Luca Vagnini is now venturing into the world of product design with his new lamp for the very first time.

Chick is a portable lamp with a simple rectangular shape that, because of its small size, can act as a table or floor lamp. It is made of an iron frame covered with solid oak wood. It uses sandblasted glass shades on its front and back to diffuse warm and modest light. Chick’s support foundation is made of lacquered iron rods in black or white that both serve as a decorative element and a practical way to hold the lamp stable on a floor or tabletop surface.

Adding to its minimal design, the lamp is all held together by only two small screws on the bottom of its wood box frame. Even with all of Chick’s unique and interesting design, it is only a prototype. Luca Vagnini’s product design definitely deserves to be produced.

About the Author – Kyle Troutman

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