Mar 19, 2013 / lighting
Guarda Luz Lamp by Fetiche Design

Name: Guarda Luz Lamp

Designer: Fetiche

Location: São Paulo, Brazil

The citizens of São Paulo have a reputation as hard-working and industrious people. It is common to hear that the people in São Paulo work while the rest of Brazil relaxes; even though many say this, it is not entirely true. It is a fact, nonetheless, that the city of Sao Paulo alone actually contributes with 15 percent of the country’s gross national product.

Design firm Fetiche, which means an inanimate object worshiped for its supposed magic powers or because it is inhabited by a spirit, has created this beautiful minimalistic lamp combination called the ‘Guarda Luz’. The lamp is completely hand made using traditional glass blowing techniques. The finished glass is then dipped into a waxy rubber, creating the lamp shade, and final product that sits on top of a flat surface unassisted.

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