Jun 14, 2010 / Products
Page Chaser by Hyeon Joo Lee

This is a cool design for those of you who like to read. The Page Chaser, designed by Hyeon Joo Lee, is a 2009 Red Dot Award Winner designed as a bookmark to automatically shift its position after each page you’ve read. The bookmark is attached to your book, and is cheap to manufacture. The description from Red Dot states,

The use of a normal bookmark requires the reader to first select the page to be marked, slip the bookmark in, and remove it later when reading continues. These steps have to be repeated even if the user has read only a few pages. Furthermore, the bookmark can be easily lost if it slips out of the book.

PAGE CHASER is a flexible bookmark designed to follow the pages as the user flips them. It marks the pages automatically, without the use of the hands. The bookmark will always be located on the page the user is at, and stays there after the book is closed. Moreover, the design of the bookmark eliminates the risk of loss, as it stays attached to the book.

– Hyeon Joo Lee