Ripple is a minimailst iphone stand designed by Tokyo-based designer Taiji Fujimori. (2)

Name: Ripple

Designer: Taiji Fujimori

Location: Tokyo, Japan

Ripple is a minimailst iphone stand designed by Tokyo-based designer Taiji Fujimori. The stand is made of cypress natural wood, and has two slits on the mounting surface. The surface is also slightly upward sloping – in fact, the angle of the slope on Ripple is the same as the angle on the Apple keyboard.

I’m posting this design for multiple reasons, but mainly, I want to inspire more designers to incorporate slits into their designs in order to keep wires at bay. Aside from Bluelounge and a handful of other brands, not enough other companies are coming up with innovative ways to manage wires. I’m hoping in the future, wires will be completely eliminated somehow, but in the meantime, I’m going to snatch up anything that’ll help organize these bastards.

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