Jan 01, 2019 / Products
Segments by Destroyers/Builders

Segments is a minimalist series of objects designed by Brussels-based studio Destroyers/Builders for Valerie Objects. A minimalist play of color, shape and texture, that’s the result of the collaboration with the young conceptual designer Linde Freya of Destroyers/Builders. Linde Freya deconstructed the small and seemingly banal elements of architecture and translated them into simple and pure design objects that spark the interior. She morphed the shape of a simple curved tube into six beautiful table and wall objects such as a small shelf, a bookend and a tiny mirror. The objects are made of brick, porcelain and steel: a mixture of high-end and low-end materials with natural textures. “I zoom in on the elements that most architects try to keep out of sight,”  Freya says.

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