Jul 18, 2018 / Products
Sonia Side Table by Vonnegut Kraft

Sonia Side Table is a minimalist side table designed by Brooklyn-based studio Vonnegut Kraft. Sonia Table series was inspired by a printed textile designed by Sonia Delauney that was produced by Metz & Co in 1930. It is a simple cross hatch print design that is broken up by incomplete voids and appears to be a repeat that emulates the frayed edges of torn fabric. Taking visual cues from the graphic pattern, we allude to the imbalance of the broken grid and “threadbare” edges while filling the spaces in between with our own emerging patterns, those of the aluminum support volumes piercing through the grid. Each aluminum leg can be placed anywhere within the grid. Custom sizes, shapes, and finishes are available. Please contact us to obtain a custom quote for your project.

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