Jun 08, 2018 / Products
Wastenot by Ladies & Gentlemen

Wastenot is a minimalist series created by Brooklyn-based studio Ladies & Gentlemen for Furnishing Utopia, presented by Design Within Reach. Frugality is often overlooked in consumer products, leaving the prudent to devise clever “life-hack solutions” to get the most out of what they use. Fidelity to these solutions often perpetuates negative perceptions of frugality. The Wastenot series aims to elevate the practice of getting the most out of common products. Wastenot soap addresses the awkward moment when a bar of soap gets too small to use by providing a surface to combine an old soap jewel with a new bar. The Wastenot Tube Roller is a simple, minimal acrylic rod that helps roll out every last dollop of toothpaste. The Wastenot Bottle Holder houses a variety of bottle sizes securely upside down, allowing every last drop to be used.

Photography by Charlie Schuck