Adobe Desk Tools by Ilaria Innocenti

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Name: Adobe Desk Tools

Designer: Ilaria Innocenti

Location: Italy

Year: 2013

There is something very zen about Ilaria Innocenti’s desk accessory line. At first glance it looks to be a miniature, minimalistic jungle gym. Made from clay and silt, each piece of the collection is unique due to the color variations within the sediments. Each piece is anchored by a thin, aluminum wire available in a choice of bright colors, which adds a touch of whimsy.

The collection consists of the Document Tray, which is easily transportable due to the wired handle and is elegant in its simplicity. The Table Mirror is as keeps its composure whether on an office desk or in the bathroom as its showcased in the photo below.

The Pen Holder keeps writing utensils upright and visible–especially favorable to those who cherish the art of fine penmenship to keep their ballpoints in line’s sight.  Anything narrow enough to fit into it’s 7 indentations can be kept erect, which makes this a multi-functional household item as well.

If there was ever a space in anyone’s life that could use decluttering, it’s the office desk. The elemental design of these desk accessories encourages a ‘back to basics’ mindset.  The Document Tray has a single tray and the Pen Holder holds a maximum of 7 instruments. This is purposeful. Eliminating the unnecessary to focus on the essential tasks at hand is paramount in productivity. How appropriate that Innocenti was inspired by the materials involved in an ancient housing and building construction in creating her Tools.  Whatever your ‘work in progress’ might be, the Adobe Desk Tool collection is a great way to elevate an office space and beyond.

About the Author – Alison Tugwell

I have a Gemini’s passion for both form & function as well as a lack of closet space. I love the challenge of using and taking inspiration from what is readily available and eliminating the extraneous. To me, minimalist design allows the imagination to run–to think and interact with our space in new ways.