Instrmnt is a design studio based in Glasgow, founded by Pete Sunderland and Ross Baynham. The studio has a keen interest in the functional, utilitarian products and tools produced during that time period: from the simple, readable dials of analog ammeters and voltmeters to the revolutionary minimalism of Dieter Rams.”



Established in 2013, håndværk is a small, artisan label specialized in supremely luxurious pieces with a thoughtfully curated collection of high quality everyday essentials made from the finest natural materials and innovative fabrics.



Feltmark® is a Los Angeles based studio brand made from an intersection of multidisciplinary backgrounds in philosophy, industrial design and bespoke manufacturing. The studio crafts versatile home accessories that embody patience, craftsmanship and usefulness.



Squarespace helps anyone build a beautiful home online. By blending elegant designed & sophisticated engineering, we empower millions of people to share their stories with the world. Make your next move, make your next website with Squarespace. Use code ‘LEIBAL’ for 10% off your first domains or website purchase.

Sponsors of Leibal will have a unique opportunity to target design professionals and enthusiasts from around the world. Leibal is updated daily with a focus on minimalism in regards to architecture, interiors, furniture, and products.

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