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Leibal was started in 2010 as a sourcebook to collect the world’s most beautiful and minimalist designs. Since then, the blog has evolved into a leading authority on design, and is focused only on the most recent works in regards to architecture, interiors, furniture, and products. In 2012, Leibal expanded into an online shop, curating a collection of carefully selected products and brands. In an effort to make design accessible, Leibal became the exclusive wholesale distributor for a number of worldwide brands as well. In the end, promoting designers and brands will always be the focus for Leibal. We hope you enjoy our offerings, and please feel free to reach out to us with comments or suggestions.

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Leo Lei

Founder — My passions in design are minimalist aesthetics, multi-functionality, and small space interiors. This blog focuses on promoting the best minimalist designs in regards to furniture, products, interiors, and architecture. We are growing a fan-base of minimalist lovers everyday. If you love what we write about, feel free to comment and follow our posts.

Denton Zhou

Editor – Design is the balance between function and form. The minimalist aesthetic captures this balance exceptionally well. It’s the objective removal of everything we don’t need to give emphasis to function. For me, personally, it’s also extraordinarily beautiful. This is as much an exercise in art as it is in good engineering – and this is what the Leibal blog captures best, minimalist design as it develops.

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