Aug 20, 2020 / Architecture
77 Washington by Worrell Yeung

77 Washington is a minimalist historic masonry factory located in Brooklyn, New York, designed by Worrell Yeung. Located near the Brooklyn Navy Yards, 77 Washington consists of a cluster of five adjacent buildings including an historic six story masonry factory building built in the 1920s. Worrell Yeung was commissioned to redesign and rehabilitate the properties to support new mixed-use office, retail and artist studio spaces.

Our design is based on contrasts with the found conditions of the existing buildings and a number of strategic interventions that support the new uses and program. The found conditions are exposed, revealing layers of masonry walls, cast iron columns and wood girders and joists. Each intervention is conceived as a crisp, distinct element that is decidedly new, juxtaposed against the existing building. Unnecessary and structurally unsound portions of the buildings are removed to create new gardens and access to daylight and city views.

Photography by Naho Kubota