Arada Office is a minimalist office space located in Ovar, Portugal, designed by Nelson Resende Arquitecto. The building results from the need to create two offices, with possible autonomous use, but allowing an internal connection, considering the possible merging of the two spaces. The construction is located on level ground, at a height of about 1.00 m above the height of the street, and is located in an environment of dispersed buildings with a strong presence of agricultural activity. The choice of site is therefore not thoughtless. Although the program is of a commercial nature, the need for decontamination, back to the essence, a kind of purity that allows, without initial affections, to think, conceive and produce new spaces, conditioned this choice that, unlike most service spaces, is not located in a more urbanized center.

There is, therefore, a conscious detachment that compensates for the increasingly frenetic pace at which things have to be thought and produced. The building is the result of the juxtaposition of a series of pure, little-tamed volumes, linked by necessity, but assuming its own identity. The result seeks, however, to be more than a sum, an idea of formulation that exposes without fear the crudeness of the essence as a possible way, the honesty of the simple forms, exposed without filters, in a game that emphasizes the dynamism, by the different rotation of the volumes, its different altimetry and solar exposition, allowing the creation of an object of easy apprehension and simultaneously of insinuated complexity, by the games of light/shadow that causes, by the apparent ambiguity of how it is shown, exposed in the volumetric formulation but reserved in the functional connection that establishes, filtered, with the surroundings. The natural surroundings are a permanent mutation scenario, resulting from the agricultural cycles, the seasons, the climatic conditions of each season and the success of the tilth that proliferate.

Photography by Joao Morgado