Club Traube is a minimalist space located in Stuttgart, Germany, designed by Hippmann Architects. Wine connoisseurs are now able to collect and sample wine within the comfort of viDeli’s new headquarters in east Stuttgart. The new office also features an event space and serves as the chief logistics point for viDeli online and Weinimport wholesale. Founders Sabine Harms and Oliver Schmid worked in close collaboration with Hippmann Architekten and Projekttriangle Design Studio to design the cast-concrete building. Based in Stuttgart’s old meat- packing district – location between a car dealer, metro tracks, a beverage store and the historic Stuttgart Gaskessel – the challenging site meant that construction relied upon prefabricated components. Carefully curated lines of sight offer visitors views into spaces within the building that would otherwise be hidden, offering scattered perspectives through offices, the warehouse, and the packaging station. Seemingly randomly arranged quadratic windows create postcard-like panoramas out onto the surrounding landscape. Internally, concrete is teamed with modest brass, oak and black details. The interior also includes a selection of eye-catching artworks and design classics.

Photography by Brigida Gonzalez