Mar 20, 2015 / Architecture
Corning Museum of Glass by Thomas Phifer and Partners

Corning Museum of Glass is a minimalist interior located in New York, designed by Thomas Phifer and Partners. The Corning Museum of Glass North Wing Expansion provides 100,000 square feet of new space, including spacious light-filled galleries for its collection of contemporary works in glass, as well as one of the world’s largest facilities for glassblowing demonstrations and live glass design sessions.

The new gallery building—which will be the largest space anywhere dedicated to the presentation of contemporary art in glass—features skylighting with a sophisticated light-filtering system that is integrated with the structural roof beams. Inside, the works of art will be displayed largely independent of the curvilinear plaster walls, encouraging circulation and allowing contemplation of larger works in glass. The gallery experience is punctuated by a 150 foot long window that provides views to the campus green and reorients the visitor to the larger landscape.