Nov 13, 2015 / Architecture
Du Nord by Philipp Mainzer

Du Nord is a minimalist space located in Oldenburg, Germany, designed by Philipp Mainzer. To create the retail space in the heart of the city’s old town, the original, historic building was reconstructed, creating an intriguing contrast with the neighbouring modern architecture. Inside, high concrete ceilings and exposed ventilation shafts contribute to an industrial look. The floor made from solid oak contrasts the raw concrete and brings warmth and comfort to the space. A sophisticated palette of high-grade materials mixed with a subtle range of colours brings focus to the architectural interior, highlighted by the shifting cubical forms that function both as sculptural presentation platforms and storage units. Bespoke back lit shelves in pale grey give way to lean and elegant intermitted hanging rails designed to bring focus to each collection of fashion. The integrated lounge highlighted in solid walnut and brass welcomes customers to linger and extend their visit.