Oct 01, 2019 / Architecture
Earth House by Tomohiro Hata Architect & Associates

Earth House is a minimalist residence located in Osaka, Japan, designed by Tomohiro Hata Architect & Associates. In this architecture, the earth appearing as a free form according to light, wind, surrounding environment and function is stacked and the interior space is arranged as an exchangeable attachment in any layer. There is space for the external environment to be established in all the earth’s layers, and various relationship between inside and outside is spun. The stacked ground layer overlaps as “sky topography” when looking up, and changes the quality of the lower space. The ground of each layer is stacked as the concrete topography that appeared as a form to deliver wind and light as a curve that avoids the airspace expected to grow trees in trees and trees in the garden. To realize this concept, the architects devised a structure system that three-dimensional branch found in natural trees can support the stacked ground. A steel pipe like this folded branch can follow the stacking of the free shape topography. Also, that is also a pipe space, and the attachment which becomes the internal space arranged in the ground can be freely renewed.