May 10, 2014 / Architecture
Facility for Ecology Education by Ryuji Fujimura Architects

Facility for Ecology Education is a minimalist house located in Saitama, Japan, designed by Ryuji Fujimura Architects. (1)

Name: Facility for Ecology Education

Designer: Ryuji Fujimura Architects

Location: Saitama, Japan

Year: 2014

Facility for Ecology Education is a minimalist house located in Saitama, Japan, designed by Ryuji Fujimura Architects. It is a facility for ecology education in a mega-solar power generating facility built in an old factory site in the corner of a residential area of suburban Tokyo. In the design process, motifs such as “Station,” “Church,” and “Alley” were integrated into the core of the structure.

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